Saturday, May 27, 2017

Free Agency Proposal

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"This might rival Federalist #10."

1. Maintain $200 fixed Free Agency Bidding Budget (2016 rule)
2. Return to weekly system of submitting waiver claims by Tuesday night, waivers assigned Wednesday morning, following by a free-for-all period until the start of each player's game (the pre-2016 system)

3. Preseason Options (some may be limited by Yahoo)
a). ELIMINATE PRESEASON FREE AGENCY: waivers and free agency begin after Week One.
b). Return to One Preseason Free Agent pick per manager, with picks as tradeable commodities (pre-2016 system).
c). Begin waivers immediately (claims by Tuesday night, waivers assigned Wednesday morning), but FORBID any picks during free-for-all period.