Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 4: Monday Night Countdown

As usual also listing the highest/lowest possible finish for all teams and remaining players.

1. Brad 61.24 (Brady, R.Moss) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 6th]
2. Rob 58.20 [Highest: 2nd/Lowest: 7th]
3. Jerod 50.66 (Ch.Johnson) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
4. Justin 45.66 (Houshmanzadeh) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
5. Jon 44.10 (NE D) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
6. Abe 38.14 [Highest: 6th/Lowest: 8th]
7. Bryan 33.46 (Welker, Morris) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 8th]
8. Joe 30.00 [Highest: 8th/Lowest: 9th]
9. Kiah 28.72 (Palmer) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]

Slow Clap for Bryan who is guaranteed to get his first win in Hazelweird land.

Monday's game has huge fantasy implications. There are 8 players going tomorrow night for 6 teams. Brad looks like he is going to handle the week with Brady and Moss still to go (his highest scorers so far this year). The Cincy WRs play a big role this week as the two teams who own them (Jerod and Justin) are separated by exactly 5 points, and if Cincy is shutout (thus shutting out the WRs) Jon could sneak past both Jerod and Justin with a NE D possibility.

Also looking ahead the first two picks of Free Agency are already locked in. Justin (via Bryan) will have the first pick and Abe will have the second pick.

Week 4: Going into Sunday Night

Low scores so far this week.

1. Brad 61.24 (Brady, R.Moss)
2. Rob 58.20
3. Jerod 49.98 (Ch.Johnson, Shockey)
4. Justin 45.66 (Houshmanzadeh)
5. Jon 44.10 (NE D)
6. Abe 38.14
7. Bryan 33.46 (Welker, Morris)
8. Joe 27.08 (McNabb)
9. Kiah 21.76 (Palmer, Burress)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 3 Free Agency

**Remember for FA order if two teams are tied the team that did worse that week has the higher pick**

1. Joe (via Bryan through Kiah)- Kevin Curtis
2. Joe (via Rob)- Jerricho Cotchery
3. Abe- Brian Leonard
4. Jon- Brandon Jackson
5. Jerod- Steeler Kicker
6. Joe- Raven Kicker
7. Kiah- Owen Daniels
8. Brad- Pass [time expired]
9. Abe (via Justin)- Najeh Davenport

Week 3 Results

1. Justin 8-0 (85.62)
2. Jerod 7-1 (71.74)
3. Brad 6-2 (62.70)
4. Abe 5-3 (54.50)
5. Joe 4-4 (53.42)
6. Rob 3-5 (51.58)
7. Kiah 2-6 (51.32)
8. Jon 1-7 (33.08)
9. Bryan 0-8 (30.50)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 3: Monday Night Countdown

As usual also listing the highest/lowest possible finish for all teams and remaining players.

1. Justin 85.62 [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 4th]
2. Jerod 71.74 [Highest: 2nd/Lowest: 5th]
3. Brad 62.30 [Highest: 3rd/Lowest: 6th]
4. Joe 53.42 [Highest: 4th/Lowest: 7th]
5. Abe 51.78 (Colston) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
6. Rob 51.58 [Highest: 6th/Lowest: 8th]
7. Kiah 51.32 [Highest: 7th/Lowest: 9th]
8. Bryan 25.44 (Brees) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]
9. Jon 24.68 (L.White) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]

Bryan has a shot at two firsts this week. (1) Getting his first ever win in Hazelweird. All he needs is Drew Brees to stay within .75 points of LenDale White. (2) Breaking the 30 pt barrier. Drew Brees needs to pass for some number above 225 yds or a TD and just over 75 yds passing, etc.

Week 3: Going into Sunday Night

Is this going to be par for the course? Some team putting up 50+ points on another team in an NFL game? These first few weeks have been crazy. Here are the standings going into tonight's game.

1. Justin 73.04 (Romo)
2. Jerod 71.74
3. Brad 58.30 (Chicago D)
4. Joe 53.42
5. Abe 51.78 (Colston)
6. Rob 51.58
7. Kiah 45.52 (Owens)
8. Jon 24.68 (L.White)
9. Bryan 11.84 (Brees, Witten, Chicago K)

Tonight's game between Chicago and Dallas contains 5 fantasy players spanning 4 teams in our league. Can Bryan finally crack 30 fantasy points for his team.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 2 Free Agency

**Remember for FA order if two teams are tied the team that did worse that week has the higher pick**

1. Justin (via Bryan) - Derrick Ward
2. Kiah (via Abe) - DeShawn Wynn
3. Bryan (via Jerod) - Matt Schaub
4. Justin (via Rob) - Brandon Marshall
5. Justin - Dallas Kicker
6. Bryan (via Jon) - Houston D
7. Rob (via Joe) - Donald Lee
8. Brad - Pass [time expired]
9. Bryan (via Kiah) - Sammy Morris

Week 2 Results

1. 8-0 Kiah (88.70)
2. 7-1 Brad (85.18)
3. 6-2 Jon (75.70)
4. 5-3 Joe (73.16)
5. 4-4 Justin (70.40)
6. 3-5 Rob (56.80)
7. 2-6 Abe (54.48)
8. 1-7 Jerod (44.52)
9. 0-8 Bryan (28.64)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2: Monday Night Countdown

Well folks, two weeks are almost in the books and I think one thing should excite all of us. Randy Moss is a fantasy god again (well I am sure that excited Brad).

Here are the standings going into Monday Night, Players left, and the highest/lowest teams can finish.

1. Brad 85.18 [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 6th]
2. Kiah 82.22 (Westbrook) [Highest: 1st/Lowest:6th]
3. Jon 75.94 [Highest: 3rd/Lowest: 7th]
4. Joe 67.76 (McNabb) [Highest:1st/Lowest 7th]
5. Justin 61.36 (Portis) [Highest: 1st/Lowest 7th]
6. Rob 55.04 (Randle El) [Highest: 1st/Lowest 7th]
7. Abe 54.30 [Highest: 7th/Lowest 8th]
8. Jerod 42.52 (Philly D) [Highest: 1st/Lowest 8th]
9. Bryan 28.64 [9th Place]

It is an interesting week. The first two picks of FA next week are already set (Justin (via Bryan) 1st and Abe 2nd [Because Jerod finished 2 spots ahead of Abe last week it guarantees even if things stay the way they are that he will have a better record than Abe]).

Week 2: Going into Sunday Night

Here are the current standings and scores going into Sunday Nights game:

1. Kiah 82.22 (Westbrook)
2. Joe 64.68 (Maroney, McNabb)
3. Jon 63.94 (NE D)
4. Brad 54.32 (Brady, R.Moss)
5. Justin 52.28 (Gates, Portis)
6. Abe 50.30 (SD D)
7. Rob 44.76 (Tomlinson, Watson, Randle El)
8. Jerod 40.52 (SD K, Philly D)
9. Bryan 24.76 (Welker)

The battle between the Patriots and Chargers contains 10 players covering 8 teams in our league.

Did everyone see T.O. TD celebration? Now that was funny when he went by the goal post and acted like the football was a camera recording the game (funny shot at NE and the added rumors of cheating by taping plays from the endzone to get film of Manning's at the line audibles and hand signals).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 1 Fantasy Player(s) of the Week

It was an interesting week and a the rare occasion where three players scored over 20 pts and all three were integral to the success of their team. Gentlemen (intended audience the males who are in our league) I give you the Week 1 MVPs:

Tony Romo (25.34)
Vikings D (24.00)
Plaxico Burress (23.76)

It was the performances of these three players that put each team (Justin, Joe, Kiah) above the rest of the pack.

Yahoo! Predicts: Week 1 Results

So in the beginning of this blog I had a post called Yahoo! predicts, which had the scores for everyone based on Yahoo! projections and then where they would finish based on our system. I looked after lineups were set (some adjustments were made) and wrote down the total scores and now comes time to see how Yahoo! did. I will not look at how accurate Yahoo! was in terms of actual score, but rather the accuracy of their ability to predict finishes based upon our scoring system. I will do this in two ways. First, they will get a win for correct predictions and a loss for each incorrect prediction. The best Yahoo! could finish is 153-0. The other way of choosing will be based on a point system. If Yahoo! got it correct they get 3 pts, if they were off 1 position they get 2 pts, and if they were off 2 positions they get 1 pt. The max score Yahoo! could have under this rubric is 459 pts.

Here was what Yahoo! predicted:

1. Justin (61.08)
2. Kiah (59.49)
3. Rob (57.48)
T4. Joe (57.14)
T4. Jerod (57.14)
6. Jon (56.85)
7. Abe (54.13)
8. Bryan (47.79)
9. Brad (47.36)

1st Rubric Yahoo! goes 0-9

2nd Rubric

Justin (Predicted Finish: 1st/Actual Finish 3rd)= +1 pt
Kiah (Predicted Finish: 2nd/Actual Finish 1st)= +2 pts
Rob (Predicted Finish: 3rd/Actual Finish 7th)= 0 pts
Joe (Predicted Finish: Tie 4th/Actual Finish 2nd)= +1 pt
Jerod (Predicted Finish: Tie 4th/Actual Finish 6th)= +1 pt
Jon (Predicted Finish: 6th/Actual Finish 5th)= +2 pts
Abe (Predicted Finish: 7th/Actual Finish 8th)= +2 pts
Bryan (Predicted Finish: 8th/Actual Finish 9th)= +2 pts
Brad (Predicted Finish: 9th/Actual Finish 4th)= 0 pts

Results= 11 pts (out of a possible 27 pts)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Free Agency

There is a little adjustment to free agency this year because of our ability to let Yahoo manage our rosters. This year we will have 12 hour slots. Bryan who picks first has until Noon tomorrow to make his pick, and as soon as he makes his pick I will announce it over email and then Abe is on the clock for 12 hours. If you are going to be gone or not have internet access and want to make your pick without being passed email me a contingent list and I can make the pick for you via roster management. If you have not made your pick within 12 hours I will announce that the next person is on the clock and then the person passed could also make their pick at any time. If you know you are going to pass then email me so I can announce it. Here is the free agency order

1. Bryan
2. Abe
3. Rob
4. Jerod
5. Jon
6. Brad
7. Justin
8. Joe
9. Kiah

Week 1 Results

1. 8-0 Kiah (84.84)
2. 7-1 Joe (82.00)
3. 6-2 Justin (73.70)
4. 5-3 Brad (65.34)
5. 4-4 Jon (59.30)
6. 3-5 Jerod (55.00)
7. 2-6 Rob (54.06)
8. 1-7 Abe (47.46)
9. 0-8 Bryan (25.20)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Night Explosion

Last year going into Monday's games either Joe or I would send out an email stating what each team must do to finish as high as they this will be in post form usually done during the day on Monday. This week it will just have high/low with no information on what they must do since there are so many players, etc. I will also include a predicted place of finish just for fun (as objectively as possible).

1. Joe 73.84 (High: 1st/Low: 8th) Predicted finish:2nd
2. Kiah 64.48 (High: 1st/Low: 8th) Predicted finish:1st
3. Justin 63.90 (High: 1st/Low: 8th) Predicted finsih: 3rd
4. Brad 60.90 (High: 1st/Low: 8th) Predicted finish: 4th
5. Rob 54.06 (High: 1st/Low: 8th) Predicted finish: 7th
6. Abe 47.46 (High: 6th/Low: 9th) Predicted finish: 8th
7. Jerod 47.12 (High: 1st/Low: 9th) Predicted finish: 6th
8. Jon 42.82 (High: 1st/Low: 9th) Predicted finish: 5th
9. Bryan 23.76 (High: 1st/Low: 9th) Predicted finish: 9th

In the coming weeks this will be a far more informative post since we wont have to account for 12 fantasy players usually. That is right tonight there are 12 fantasy players effecting 8 teams in our league: Joe-2 (Heap and Cincy K), Kiah-2 (Palmer and James), Justin-2 (Fitzgerald and Baltimore D), Brad-1 (McGahee), Rob-1 (Ma.Clayton), Jerod-1 (Chad Johnson), Jon-2 (Gore and Boldin), Bryan-1 (D.Jackson).

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What if?s

Well it has been a day of spectacular performances (Tony Romo, Minnesota D, Plaxico Burress, etc.), and the time has come to look at the standings going into Monday's games (big fantasy implications). Included in this post will be the What if's. What if everyone would have put in the optimal lineups (this replaces players that have yet to play with those who have and have scores, except in situations where there are no backups to replace the players, etc.) So here we go...current standings heading into Monday.

1. Joe 73.84 (Heap, Cincy K)
2. Kiah 64.48 (Palmer, James)
3. Justin 63.90 (Fitzgerald, Baltimore D)
4. Brad 60.90 (McGahee)
5. Rob 54.06 (Ma.Clayton)
6. Abe 47.46
7. Jerod 47.12 (Ch.Johnson)
8. Jon 42.82 (Gore, Boldin)
9. Bryan 23.76 (D.Jackson)

****WHAT IF****
Joe 82.32 (Heap, Cincy K)
Kiah 66.76 (Palmer)
Justin 84.02 (Baltimore D)
Brad 64.94
Rob 66.10
Abe 51.50
Jerod 67.28
Jon 59.20
Bryan 34.68

Obviously this isnt a perfect indication because Kiah wouldnt replace Edge with Jerrius Norwood, but as of right now these would have been the "Optimal Lineups." Interestingly Kiah and Brad both have their optimal lineups in (except that their remaining running backs are being replaced by players that have already played Kiah (Norwood over James) and Brad (D.Foster over McGahee), there is a good chance both managers maximized their lineups, although Leinart might outperform Palmer tomorrow night.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Decimal Scoring: A Look at One Games Results

Well after one game I thought it would be interesting to see the differences of each individuals scores if we were still under our old scoring system and had not employed our decimal scoring system via Yahoo.

Abe- (New Scoring 17.60) - (Old Scoring 16)= Overall Change +1.60
Joe- (New Scoring 16.60) - (Old Scoring 16)= Overall Change +.60
Jerod- (New Scoring 14.76) - (Old Scoring 14)= Overall Change +.76
Justin- (New Scoring 11) - (Old Scoring 11)= No Change (Kickers scoring didn't change)
Jon- (New Scoring 9.32) - (Old Scoring 9) = Overall Change +.32
Bryan- (New Scoring 4.08) - (Old Scoring 3) = Overall Change +1.08
Brad- (New Scoring 2.48) - (Old Scoring 1) = Overall Change +1.48

Had we not instututed the new scoring here would have been the standings

T1. Abe 16 (5 players to go)
T1. Joe 16 (7 players to go)
3. Jerod 14 (7 players to go)
4. Justin 11 (7 players to go)
5. Jon 9 (7 players to go)
6. Bryan 3 (7 players to go)
7. Brad 1 (7 players to go)
T8. Kiah and Rob (8 players to go)

It could be interesting to see what will come of these extra point benefits. No longer does 99 yards infuriate the players owner. Now everyone gets all the points they deserve.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fantasy Interest in Colts-Saints

I'm guessing each and every one of us will be watching the Colts-Saints game this Thursday night. It's always fun when that first game can be a loaded fantasy interest game, and this one certainly is. According to the current lineups listed at Yahoo (which can of course still be changed), there are 8 fantasy starters playing Thursday, and those players are spread out on 6 of our teams.

Abe: Marques Colston, Joseph Addai, Saint Kicker
Justin: Colt Kicker
Joe: Reggie Wayne
Jerod: Peyton Manning
Jon: Marvin Harrison
Bryan: Drew Brees

It's a loaded fantasy night: just about everything that happens should have a fantasy impact (especially now that we're using fractional points). It's going to be fun to watch. Obviously Abe has the most at stake in the game, but Jerod and Bryan each have their starting QBs, who are big point getters.