Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fantasy Interest in Colts-Saints

I'm guessing each and every one of us will be watching the Colts-Saints game this Thursday night. It's always fun when that first game can be a loaded fantasy interest game, and this one certainly is. According to the current lineups listed at Yahoo (which can of course still be changed), there are 8 fantasy starters playing Thursday, and those players are spread out on 6 of our teams.

Abe: Marques Colston, Joseph Addai, Saint Kicker
Justin: Colt Kicker
Joe: Reggie Wayne
Jerod: Peyton Manning
Jon: Marvin Harrison
Bryan: Drew Brees

It's a loaded fantasy night: just about everything that happens should have a fantasy impact (especially now that we're using fractional points). It's going to be fun to watch. Obviously Abe has the most at stake in the game, but Jerod and Bryan each have their starting QBs, who are big point getters.


  1. I'm hoping for a defensive struggle. Except from man crush, Reggie Bush.


  2. abe says:

    I play who I want, when I want. Eat my shit.

    I'm thinking about getting tickets to the vikings game if it's going to be blacked out. Anyone else? Joe, where are your seats? Nose bleeds facing the wall?

    By the way, my new roommate and I get the NFL network. Eat my shit again.

    Still, it would be good to see you ass holes this sunday. But I still hate you all, you dirty money grubbing noodle eating Cheebs.

  3. I also have NFL Network...I will enjoy it once those Thursday/Saturday games come aboard and I want to watch them.

  4. Nosebleeds, Abe. Feel free to come over for the night game, thoug: I'll be back ready to watch it. Come tonight if you want.

  5. Is the game getting blacked out for certain? I'm going to try to find a bar in LA that carries it. It would be ironic if I could watch it while most in the homeland can't. Actually, I don't know if it would be ironic because I don't have a really good handle on how to use that word.


  6. Manning really targeted that left side; Jason David must suck and Mike McKenzie must be good. Harrison is on the right almost every play; one time they line him up slot left and it's a TD. Wayne had three deep catches on the left side, two for TDs. And most plays Manning dropped back, he was looking left first (Wayne's regular side).

    Interesting, though I don't think it means Manning will be targeting Wayne MORE than Harrison, but targets according to the defense.

  7. This Yahoo(!) thing is going to be brutal, I will see plain as day what backups outscored my starters and it's going to start messing with my head.

  8. good. Now you know what I've been dealing with. - Abe

  9. I look at my team this morning and I'm dismayed. I don't have any Colts on it. This was clearly a mistake in judgement. My hope now is for the Bengals to become the Colts 2.0.