Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Free Agency

There is a little adjustment to free agency this year because of our ability to let Yahoo manage our rosters. This year we will have 12 hour slots. Bryan who picks first has until Noon tomorrow to make his pick, and as soon as he makes his pick I will announce it over email and then Abe is on the clock for 12 hours. If you are going to be gone or not have internet access and want to make your pick without being passed email me a contingent list and I can make the pick for you via roster management. If you have not made your pick within 12 hours I will announce that the next person is on the clock and then the person passed could also make their pick at any time. If you know you are going to pass then email me so I can announce it. Here is the free agency order

1. Bryan
2. Abe
3. Rob
4. Jerod
5. Jon
6. Brad
7. Justin
8. Joe
9. Kiah


  1. Since my team currently has no weaknesses, I would consider trading my week one FA pick, if anybody is targeting a particular available player.

  2. When my pick comes up I might talk to you if there are two players I am interested in left on the board.

  3. I'll even give you a good deal: I'll only request a worthless fantasy performer like Larry Fitzgerald.

    I don't fear you, Kiah. Enjoy your 2.84 point victory. Shayne Graham missed a field goal. Todd Heap caught a TD that evidently got canceled. I'm not afraid.

  4. Let me tell you how scared I am the Vikings D will score 2 TDs every week. That's what will push Joe to the top. They play the Falcons every week, right?


  5. So let me get this straight. Bryan picked up his third tight end to go with his three quarterbacks? Instead of dropping one of his three quarterbacks, he drops a running back? Really?

  6. They get Kitna and Huard next; basically, they get Harrington every week.

    Besides, they were just covering for McNabb this week. The Revolution is coming for you.

  7. Anonymous,
    I appreciate your concern. It has been noted. If you need a TE or quarterback, I'm listening.
    What was my rookie from St. Louis really going to do? I have three lack-luster running backs already; did I really need a fourth? With T.Glenn out, Witten gives me the equivalent of a third WR.
    Again thank you for your concern,

  8. No, Patrick Crayton gives you a third WR.

  9. Hey, I'll do the patronizing around these parts.

    Who am I kidding. I'm just upset because I was going to take Witten. I figured no one else would be in the market for a TE this week. I hope Greg Olsen heals soon.

  10. Kiah dont you fret if Bryan didn't I was going to take him. There was no way you were getting Witten this week. The best offense is a good defense is my strategy when it comes to FA.