Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2: Monday Night Countdown

Well folks, two weeks are almost in the books and I think one thing should excite all of us. Randy Moss is a fantasy god again (well I am sure that excited Brad).

Here are the standings going into Monday Night, Players left, and the highest/lowest teams can finish.

1. Brad 85.18 [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 6th]
2. Kiah 82.22 (Westbrook) [Highest: 1st/Lowest:6th]
3. Jon 75.94 [Highest: 3rd/Lowest: 7th]
4. Joe 67.76 (McNabb) [Highest:1st/Lowest 7th]
5. Justin 61.36 (Portis) [Highest: 1st/Lowest 7th]
6. Rob 55.04 (Randle El) [Highest: 1st/Lowest 7th]
7. Abe 54.30 [Highest: 7th/Lowest 8th]
8. Jerod 42.52 (Philly D) [Highest: 1st/Lowest 8th]
9. Bryan 28.64 [9th Place]

It is an interesting week. The first two picks of FA next week are already set (Justin (via Bryan) 1st and Abe 2nd [Because Jerod finished 2 spots ahead of Abe last week it guarantees even if things stay the way they are that he will have a better record than Abe]).


  1. I'm depressed. Why can't my RB's give me any points?!

  2. I wouldn't get too down, champ. You've got the Cadillac and Lamont Jordan sitting on your bench who could turn out pretty well if you play your matchups early. You've got a long way to go in the season, and I think you could still pull out a strong second place finish.


  3. My RBs don't score, either. Doesn't bother me.

  4. Jerod you are in elite company.....only you, myself, and Brian have not had a starting running back TD yet this year....