Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 4: Going into Sunday Night

Low scores so far this week.

1. Brad 61.24 (Brady, R.Moss)
2. Rob 58.20
3. Jerod 49.98 (Ch.Johnson, Shockey)
4. Justin 45.66 (Houshmanzadeh)
5. Jon 44.10 (NE D)
6. Abe 38.14
7. Bryan 33.46 (Welker, Morris)
8. Joe 27.08 (McNabb)
9. Kiah 21.76 (Palmer, Burress)


  1. McNabb sucks. The Vince Young Revolution begins for real next week.

  2. is McNabb on the table then?


  3. Of course. I cursed another QB. I respect McNabb enough to give him a chance on another fantasy team. But the QBs I either trade for or draft as backups are alright.

  4. Time to move on to Derek Anderson or go old school and give Kurt Warner another try.....maybe sticking with your black QB theme a guy like Jason Campbell or David Garrard?

  5. Tough to say the revolution starts next week when you were going to be starting him next week anyway.....

  6. Who is trading with Joe? He has "schemes?" Are you desperate to trade? I'm excited to see what ends up happening to your roster.

    I like Peyton Manning. And Ronnie Brown.

  7. "It's a cliche of course, but what a difference a year makes"

    Has this announcer been reading PV?