Friday, September 7, 2007

Decimal Scoring: A Look at One Games Results

Well after one game I thought it would be interesting to see the differences of each individuals scores if we were still under our old scoring system and had not employed our decimal scoring system via Yahoo.

Abe- (New Scoring 17.60) - (Old Scoring 16)= Overall Change +1.60
Joe- (New Scoring 16.60) - (Old Scoring 16)= Overall Change +.60
Jerod- (New Scoring 14.76) - (Old Scoring 14)= Overall Change +.76
Justin- (New Scoring 11) - (Old Scoring 11)= No Change (Kickers scoring didn't change)
Jon- (New Scoring 9.32) - (Old Scoring 9) = Overall Change +.32
Bryan- (New Scoring 4.08) - (Old Scoring 3) = Overall Change +1.08
Brad- (New Scoring 2.48) - (Old Scoring 1) = Overall Change +1.48

Had we not instututed the new scoring here would have been the standings

T1. Abe 16 (5 players to go)
T1. Joe 16 (7 players to go)
3. Jerod 14 (7 players to go)
4. Justin 11 (7 players to go)
5. Jon 9 (7 players to go)
6. Bryan 3 (7 players to go)
7. Brad 1 (7 players to go)
T8. Kiah and Rob (8 players to go)

It could be interesting to see what will come of these extra point benefits. No longer does 99 yards infuriate the players owner. Now everyone gets all the points they deserve.


  1. this is just fantastic. I love the new system. - ABE

  2. Abe did you about crap yourself after that first play of the game?

  3. Based on Brad's increase, it seems that those rush yards for WRs will have more impact this season. In the past it was tough for a WR to crack 25 yards on one or two rushes per game, but now a 10 or 20 yard gain can really tack up the scores.

    I also love the fractional scoring--everything counts. It's great.

  4. I was eating dinner with Erin's aunt and Grandma. I got out with enough time to watch the second half but opted for SEX! YEAH!!! - ABE

  5. With Erin's Aung and Grandma? YEAH!!! Lucky Guy!

  6. That's how those Cheebs roll. - ABE

  7. Abe- I've heard that's how everyone rolls.