Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 3: Monday Night Countdown

As usual also listing the highest/lowest possible finish for all teams and remaining players.

1. Justin 85.62 [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 4th]
2. Jerod 71.74 [Highest: 2nd/Lowest: 5th]
3. Brad 62.30 [Highest: 3rd/Lowest: 6th]
4. Joe 53.42 [Highest: 4th/Lowest: 7th]
5. Abe 51.78 (Colston) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
6. Rob 51.58 [Highest: 6th/Lowest: 8th]
7. Kiah 51.32 [Highest: 7th/Lowest: 9th]
8. Bryan 25.44 (Brees) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]
9. Jon 24.68 (L.White) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]

Bryan has a shot at two firsts this week. (1) Getting his first ever win in Hazelweird. All he needs is Drew Brees to stay within .75 points of LenDale White. (2) Breaking the 30 pt barrier. Drew Brees needs to pass for some number above 225 yds or a TD and just over 75 yds passing, etc.


  1. I can live with this for this week. Just this week. I hate everything.