Sunday, September 9, 2007

What if?s

Well it has been a day of spectacular performances (Tony Romo, Minnesota D, Plaxico Burress, etc.), and the time has come to look at the standings going into Monday's games (big fantasy implications). Included in this post will be the What if's. What if everyone would have put in the optimal lineups (this replaces players that have yet to play with those who have and have scores, except in situations where there are no backups to replace the players, etc.) So here we go...current standings heading into Monday.

1. Joe 73.84 (Heap, Cincy K)
2. Kiah 64.48 (Palmer, James)
3. Justin 63.90 (Fitzgerald, Baltimore D)
4. Brad 60.90 (McGahee)
5. Rob 54.06 (Ma.Clayton)
6. Abe 47.46
7. Jerod 47.12 (Ch.Johnson)
8. Jon 42.82 (Gore, Boldin)
9. Bryan 23.76 (D.Jackson)

****WHAT IF****
Joe 82.32 (Heap, Cincy K)
Kiah 66.76 (Palmer)
Justin 84.02 (Baltimore D)
Brad 64.94
Rob 66.10
Abe 51.50
Jerod 67.28
Jon 59.20
Bryan 34.68

Obviously this isnt a perfect indication because Kiah wouldnt replace Edge with Jerrius Norwood, but as of right now these would have been the "Optimal Lineups." Interestingly Kiah and Brad both have their optimal lineups in (except that their remaining running backs are being replaced by players that have already played Kiah (Norwood over James) and Brad (D.Foster over McGahee), there is a good chance both managers maximized their lineups, although Leinart might outperform Palmer tomorrow night.

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  1. I was sitting on my couch at ~5:15 thinking to myself "I should put in Housh for Plaxico." But I figured it was too late. Providence, I tell you.