Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 4: Monday Night Countdown

As usual also listing the highest/lowest possible finish for all teams and remaining players.

1. Brad 61.24 (Brady, R.Moss) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 6th]
2. Rob 58.20 [Highest: 2nd/Lowest: 7th]
3. Jerod 50.66 (Ch.Johnson) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
4. Justin 45.66 (Houshmanzadeh) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
5. Jon 44.10 (NE D) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 7th]
6. Abe 38.14 [Highest: 6th/Lowest: 8th]
7. Bryan 33.46 (Welker, Morris) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 8th]
8. Joe 30.00 [Highest: 8th/Lowest: 9th]
9. Kiah 28.72 (Palmer) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]

Slow Clap for Bryan who is guaranteed to get his first win in Hazelweird land.

Monday's game has huge fantasy implications. There are 8 players going tomorrow night for 6 teams. Brad looks like he is going to handle the week with Brady and Moss still to go (his highest scorers so far this year). The Cincy WRs play a big role this week as the two teams who own them (Jerod and Justin) are separated by exactly 5 points, and if Cincy is shutout (thus shutting out the WRs) Jon could sneak past both Jerod and Justin with a NE D possibility.

Also looking ahead the first two picks of Free Agency are already locked in. Justin (via Bryan) will have the first pick and Abe will have the second pick.


  1. Oh, I've got schemes. I'm not going to endure the indignity of being the first person to lose to Bryan with calm cool poise. I've got schemes.

  2. Chad Johnson will score. It's Monday Night, how can he not?!

  3. I figure Johnson will score, but obviously I am hoping Houshmanzadeh scores twice....(that would help me also hopefully pass Rob)

  4. Psh...Johnson will get 2(1 in each end zone, of course) and TJ will get 1.
    Is that Pats pass D good? I hope not. Carson Palmer is good.