Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yahoo! Predicts: Week 1 Results

So in the beginning of this blog I had a post called Yahoo! predicts, which had the scores for everyone based on Yahoo! projections and then where they would finish based on our system. I looked after lineups were set (some adjustments were made) and wrote down the total scores and now comes time to see how Yahoo! did. I will not look at how accurate Yahoo! was in terms of actual score, but rather the accuracy of their ability to predict finishes based upon our scoring system. I will do this in two ways. First, they will get a win for correct predictions and a loss for each incorrect prediction. The best Yahoo! could finish is 153-0. The other way of choosing will be based on a point system. If Yahoo! got it correct they get 3 pts, if they were off 1 position they get 2 pts, and if they were off 2 positions they get 1 pt. The max score Yahoo! could have under this rubric is 459 pts.

Here was what Yahoo! predicted:

1. Justin (61.08)
2. Kiah (59.49)
3. Rob (57.48)
T4. Joe (57.14)
T4. Jerod (57.14)
6. Jon (56.85)
7. Abe (54.13)
8. Bryan (47.79)
9. Brad (47.36)

1st Rubric Yahoo! goes 0-9

2nd Rubric

Justin (Predicted Finish: 1st/Actual Finish 3rd)= +1 pt
Kiah (Predicted Finish: 2nd/Actual Finish 1st)= +2 pts
Rob (Predicted Finish: 3rd/Actual Finish 7th)= 0 pts
Joe (Predicted Finish: Tie 4th/Actual Finish 2nd)= +1 pt
Jerod (Predicted Finish: Tie 4th/Actual Finish 6th)= +1 pt
Jon (Predicted Finish: 6th/Actual Finish 5th)= +2 pts
Abe (Predicted Finish: 7th/Actual Finish 8th)= +2 pts
Bryan (Predicted Finish: 8th/Actual Finish 9th)= +2 pts
Brad (Predicted Finish: 9th/Actual Finish 4th)= 0 pts

Results= 11 pts (out of a possible 27 pts)

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