Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2: Going into Sunday Night

Here are the current standings and scores going into Sunday Nights game:

1. Kiah 82.22 (Westbrook)
2. Joe 64.68 (Maroney, McNabb)
3. Jon 63.94 (NE D)
4. Brad 54.32 (Brady, R.Moss)
5. Justin 52.28 (Gates, Portis)
6. Abe 50.30 (SD D)
7. Rob 44.76 (Tomlinson, Watson, Randle El)
8. Jerod 40.52 (SD K, Philly D)
9. Bryan 24.76 (Welker)

The battle between the Patriots and Chargers contains 10 players covering 8 teams in our league.

Did everyone see T.O. TD celebration? Now that was funny when he went by the goal post and acted like the football was a camera recording the game (funny shot at NE and the added rumors of cheating by taping plays from the endzone to get film of Manning's at the line audibles and hand signals).

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