Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crazy Trade Offers

Some people like giving and receiving crazy trade offers. I know I don't mind seeing the offers: it's pretty easy to reject them. Others don't.

Yahoo! has a trading block, where you can reveal to the league which players on the team are willingly available.

I think we could create a no trade list on this blog, where you can reveal to the league the players on your team that are virtually untouchable. It's not that you're showing the league who you will never trade; rarely is any player completely untouchable. It is that you are revealing to the league the players you value the most, and the players you would only trade if you were knocked over by an amazing, outlandish trade beneficial to you.

Feel free to let people know who is virtually untouchable in the comments here, if you'd like to avoid getting ridiculous offers.


  1. I'll start:

    Donovan McNabb (it's the QB I wanted second-most; I would only trade him straight up for Peyton Manning).

    Steve Smith and Reggie Wayne (They're the two WRs I wanted most of all; you can't give me any WRs to replace them that would satisfy me).

    Adrian Peterson (he's a Viking).

    That's it; anybody else could be had for a price--but probably not until the season starts. I'm not big on altering my roster before the start of the season.

  2. Abe says:

    Addai and Jackson sing MC Hammer classic "You can't touch this." Otherwise everyone else can be had if I feel it improves my team.

    I'd like to keep Thomas Jones and Baby Colston, but if I got a fantastic offer I would listen. Dijon Branch could be had for a song as I took him on a lark.

    Randy McMicheal is the new Marcus Pollard and Marcus Pollard is the new Jeremy Stevens.

    The NO Kicker is mine forever and ever. Don't even look at him. When he gets up to kick, avert your eyes and just listen for the announcers to say "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL!" Those crazy soccer announcers.

    I had an energy drink this morning.

  3. Absolutely no one is untouchable on my team, but I would have to be bowled over for "Larry Fitzgerald" because of my huge man crush on him.

  4. I'd trade anyone on my team if Jerod would just mean it when he tells me he loves me.


  5. tomlinson, alexander, favre, walker, packers defense, jennings are untouchable.

  6. Jon says :

    All reasonable offers will be considered.

  7. Drew Brees, Robbie Gould, Miami D, Chris Cooley.

    I'm open to case that wasn't apparent by now.