Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trading Frenzy

One thing that often happens in fantasy leagues which is part of the fun is trading. This year in the Hazelweird League we saw an unusual amount of trading occurring within the first couple days of the draft being completed. When trades are done this early one way to analyze the trades can be to look at who got the best value based on auction costs. Before we begin we need to remember that this is not an exact science nor does it necessarily entail who is getting the best value since the cost of players fluctuates so much in the draft depending on who has been thrown out and who might have the money to spend. Perhaps if Plaxico Burress had been thrown out earlier he might have gone for more money or he could have gone for less and the same can go for many players, but more often then not players go for what they are expected to go for or at least close. I will begin by listing all the trades completed since the draft and then I will analyze them based on auction values. So here we go.

Trade #1: Bryan gets Brees, Cotchery, Arizona K…..Kiah gets Palmer, St. Louis K, Denver D

Trade #2: Rob gets Alexander, Reggie Brown….Justin gets Torry Holt, Jamal Lewis

Trade #3: Rob gets Dunn, Denver D…..Kiah gets Tatum Bell, Tony Scheffler

Trade #4: Bryan gets Burress, D.Jackson, J.Lewis….Justin gets Fitzgerald, Arizona K, Barber III

Trade #5: Jon gets Kellen Winslow….Justin gets Vernon Davis

Trade #6: Bryan gets Rivers, D.Lee…..Rob gets Leinart, Gonzalez

Now looking at each team here is the differences between their original teams and their current teams (auction cost in parenthesis):

Gone: J.Lewis (15), Holt (55), T.Bell (1), Scheffler (1), Rivers (20), D.Lee (1)
Added: Alexander (47), Reg.Brown (10), Dunn (1), Denver D (1), Leinart (15), Gonzalez (15)

Gone: Vernon Davis (20)
Added: Winslow (11)

Gone: Brees (30), Cotchery (3), Arizona K (1), Dunn (1)
Added: Palmer (57), St. Louis K (1), Bell (1), Scheffler (1)

Gone: Burress (15), Alexander (47), D.Jackson (11), Winslow (11), Reg. Brown (10)
Added: Holt (55), Fitzgerald (50), Barber III (18), Arizona K (1), V.Davis (20)

Gone: Palmer (57), St. Louis K (1), Denver D (1), Fitzgerald (50), Barber III (18), Leinart (15), Gonzalez (15)
Added: Brees (30), Cotchery (3), Burress (15), D.Jackson (11), J.Lewis (15), Rivers (20), D.Lee (1)

If we add up the total money added and subtract the total money gone then we get the value of their team over or under the drafting salary cap of $265. Here are the teams and the amount paid for the players currently on their roster listed from highest to lowest.

1. Justin $315 (+50)
2. Kiah $290 (+25)
3. Jerod $265
4. Joe $265
5. Brad $265
6. Abe $265
7. Rob $261 (-4)
8. Jon $256 (-9)
9. Bryan $203 (-62)

Again this is all relative since not all players contribute to a teams success and the fact that the values of players in draft can often fluctuate depending on when they are thrown out. Everyone is free to discuss the information provided above.


  1. I want in on this trading nonsense! Joe, give me one good reason that you shouldn't upgrade your RB position, you weakest on the team, with Thomas Jones, the most consistently underated back in the NFL. You have one back, El Maroon, who isn't going to have their carries split right down the middle and one rookie who is going to break down after 4 weeks and isn't even a starter for you.

    Jones is a viable canidate for the Experience and should definately be considered for that old has-been, Roy Williams.

    Now I realize that this doesn't really strike your fancy, that a top 10 WR isn't worth a top 15 back, but I disagree. You are going to need his steady accumilation of points each week that a WR just can't generate. If you feel this will weaken you too much at WR, then I'll give you Dijon Branch, a solid performer that missed summer camp with the Seahawks and wasn't able to get the right feel for a Hasselbeck thrown ball until now. Who else is going to catch a top 5 QB's passes on the Hawks? Hmm? You can give me your least favorite player (yes, I know you don't have one, that they are all gold) to even things out.

    I think this a great trade that helps both of us.

    Oh, by the way, this is Abe

  2. If you really need a WR, Chris Chambers is available. And I could be talked into parting with Matt Jones.

  3. I need another shitty WR like you need a KFC dinner.