Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here is the blog for our fantasy football league. We're creating it as an idea as we go, so we don't really know what it will turn into. The intent is for the blog posts to be information and relatively objective fun, and for the comments section to be for whatever insults or boasts you wish. We will for sure post the standings weekly on this blog. We can also re-post the trades at this blog so that we can comment on them. I've also got a few fun posts in mind that will give some analysis to our league (again, as objectively as possible).

This site will serve as an easy to access source for basic information and discussion. However, you should obviously still frequently check our league's Yahoo page, your email address that we've shared so far, and your email address associated with your yahoo account for our league. The Yahoo page is still the most important page: that's where you'll manage your roster, select your starting lineup, propose or receive trade offers, and get a first look at the weekly scores.

When the season starts, I'll create permalinks on the side to see each week's standings. I've also already created a links section, currently featuring an easy link to Yahoo's fantasy football page and a link to my own sports blog (because I'm a self-promoting pig). If you wish for links to your own websites, or if there are other useful or fun fantasy football or real football sites you would like linked for easy access, just let me know.

Justin will also likely be added as a contributor (PV is Joe, for those not in the know), which means he and I will be writing the actual posts. It seems wise to keep the posters to Justin and me; the posts are supposed to be for relatively objective data and information, and we don't want nine people posting and pushing important information (like standings) further down. The comments section is where everybody can contribute--and you should. However, I'm not trying to be a tyrant: if you would like to be a contributor able to write posts yourself, let me know. It might work out to have all of us writing posts, as long as the posts remain relatively objective. Again, the comments will be for any type or manner of discussion you wish (though ideally focused on fantasy football).

If you have any suggestions or ideas for other things this blog can be used for, just bring them up: I want this to be a good league blog for all of us, so any ideas you have to make it more enjoyable and useful would be greatly appreciated.

This can be a fun place to get necessary info and to have our discussions about the league.


  1. As part of my contribution I was planning on continuing the "Fantasy Player of the Week". That more than likely will be my main contribution.

    Larry Fitzgerald and Torry Holt Reunion Tour

  2. My contribution will be thumping all your asses weekly.