Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Projected Starting Lineups

Let's take a look at each team's projected starting lineup for week one.

qb marc bulger
rb frank gore
rb cedric benson
wr marvin harrison
wr anquan boldin
te kellen winslow
k packers
d patriots

qb jon kitna
rb steven jackson
rb joseph addai
wr marques colston
wr donald driver
te randy mcmichael
k saints
d chargers

qb donovan mcnabb
rb laurence maroney
rb adrian peterson
wr reggie wayne
wr steve smith
te todd heap
k bengals
d vikings

qb drew brees
rb maurice jones-drew
rb jamal lewis
wr andre johnson
wr plaxico burress
te owen daniels
k bears
d dolphins

qb peyton manning
rb larry johnson
rb ronnie brown
wr chad johnson
wr laveranues coles
te jeremy shockey
k chargers
d eagles

qb tom brady
rb reggie bush
rb willie parker
wr randy moss
wr braylon edwards
te alge crumpler
k lions
d bears

qb tony romo
rb travis henry
rb brandon jacobs
wr torry holt
wr larry fitzgerald
te antonio gates
k colts
d ravens

qb brett favre
rb ladainian tomlinson
rb shaun alexander
wr javon walker
wr mark clayton
te tony gonzalez
k broncos
d packers

qb carson palmer
rb brian westbrook
rb rudi johnson
wr terrell owens
wr tj houshmandzadeh
te chris cooley
k rams
d steelers

So there you go: we remove strength based on depth and look to the sort of lineup each of us can start week one. Some of us could go with different lineups (for example, Brad could start Willis McGahee), but these lineups seem likely. What do you think? Who's got the best looking lineup right now?

*Bryan listed Alex Smith, Hines Ward, Darrell Jackson, and Brian Leonard as his starters. I could have left those in, but I don't believe he's going with that lineup week one, so his team is the only starting lineup I altered. Sorry, Bryan, if you really do mean to leave Drew Brees, Andre Johnson, Plaxico Burress, and Jamal Lewis on the bench, but I surmised that you're not really starting Brian Leonard.

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  1. Here are my rankings (with no analysis).

    1. Kiah
    2. Rob
    3. Jerod
    4. Abe
    5. Brad
    6. Joe
    7. Justin
    8. Jon
    9. Bryan

    But in all honesty I think these might be the most balanced starters we have seen in years...once the games start though the picture might change.

  2. I also think it's very balanced. Of course, I would put myself at top, even if i am feeling weak at WR.


  3. Abe the only reason you are not higher is your QB (Jon Kitna) and the questionable WR corp (although I dont think it is that bad).

    Abe and Rob have the best RB starters in the league with Kiah and Jerod close behind.

    The only thing I can boast is what I consider the top TE, K, and Defense to go alongside my top 3 WR starters.

    here is hoping Tony Romo is a stud.

  4. so basically Justin the only things you cant boast about are your QB and your RBs? If thats the case I think you might be okay.

    No offense but I am not putting too much stock in your pre-season rankings, as last year you were sure that Jerod was destined for a last place finish


  5. Hold on. I did not say that Jerod's team was destined for a last place finish. I just said that it wasn't very deep and that would scare me. You all make this junk up, like I was saying Jerod had the worst draft ever. I would never say that especially when people like Abe are in the league.

  6. Also, I stated it was my thoughts and that I thought this year was the most balanced year as far as rosters went and therefore I concluded by saying as soon as the season started things could all change.

    I really am not making a claim that I know who has the best team, etc. Don't misread, anyway Joe asked for our opinions and so far it looks like I am the only one willing to state my own opinion rather than just criticize somebody else's OPINION!!!

    FIRE CHILDRESS NOW !!!!!! (lol)

  7. I apologize, I was a little on edge, I had just finished an online draft and some asshole was making fun of every pick every person made. I didn't mean to criticize your opinion.

    I do agree with you that this is a very even field, barring injuries between now and September. Rick Fischer asked me who got the best team, and I told him "we all got some good players, nobody really has what at this time appears to be a dominate team." And if I were to rank the teams, my list would probably almost mirror yours, although I would probably place you a little higher, maybe swap you and Joe's position.


  8. Better watch out Joe will kick your butt for saying that....we all know "in his opinion he has the best team" just the same as every year.

  9. MY TEAM RULES!!!!!!!
    MY TEAM RULES!!!!!!!
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    MY TEAM RULES!!!!!!!
    MY TEAM RULES!!!!!!!

  10. I just want to say that this is probably the highest I'll be rated all year. Thanks Justine!