Friday, August 24, 2007

Viable Fantasy Strategy

Some of us have debated the validity of loading up on a high octane offense for your fantasy team. In fact Joe and I discussed the possibility of drafting the whole Colts offense and about how many fantasy points you could expect out of them. In the end we decided that it probably would be a viable option but would be hard to accomplish because of the auction costs and the inability to have a viable 2nd RB, Defense, and good bench players.

However, what about Fantasy Trio's. In the first year of this league through free agency I jumped on the Buffalo offensive juggernaut of Bledsoe, Price, and Henry and tried to acquire Eric Moulds. It worked for awhile, but then crashed. Others have had team duos, but how many other trio's have we had? I know this year currently Kiah has Palmer, R.Johnson, and Houshmanzadeh. What do you all think about starting almost half your fantasy team from one team?


  1. I think it's a viable strategy as long as you don't count on those players to be your #1 QB, #1 WR, and #1 RB. In my case, Housh is my obvious #2 WR, and it could be argued that Rudi is my #2 RB. Although I could be talked into believing all the guys on the Colts could be #1s.


  2. I've never implemented it, but I like the idea of starting a QB-RB on a great offense (screw WR), so you basically get all the TDs that team scores (and all the yards).

  3. i'm obviously all for it-- one year i had favre, green, walker, driver, franks, packer kicker playing every week and i generally did well although green was banged up at the end. i think the colts are such a safe bet and the bengals too that you could reasonably start 4 or 5 players from those teams.