Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Agency Week 2

1. Nathan-(Chansi Stuckey)
2. Jerod-(Philly D)**Emergency Pick Prior due to PPD**
3. Jon-(Sammy Morris)
4. Abe-(Darren Sproles)
5. Justin-(Michael Bush)
6. Joe-(Bryant Johnson)
7. Kiah-(Buffalo D)
8. Bryan-(David Martin)
9. Brad-(Matt Ryan)
10. Rob-Pass


  1. I think Jerod should still be allowed a FA pick this week. The Hou-Bal postponement was a special situation: he didn't have a backup D because he didn't think he needed it. I don't think that should mean he doesn't get a FA pick this week--it would mean something unique outside his control is still hurting his team.

  2. Well that is fine. I didn't just impose this on Jerod, I asked what he thought and he thought it was fine.

    Essentially he used a FA pick that he would have taken at some point anyway to cover Baltimore's D and because of the PPD we allowed him to use this weeks pick to cover it. The other issue I think you are failing to realize is that now he doesn't have to worry about using a futuer FA pick to cover his bye anymore because Baltimore now plays for 15 straight weeks.

    I think it is totally fair, and Jerod thought it was fine too. But if you want to push it to a league vote, I don't mind. Just shoot an email out to everyone.

  3. No, it's fine if Jerod's fine with it. I just didn't want him to miss a chance to get a player he wanted (or needed to cover a bye) just because of this.

    If there was a between-compromise, I'd say Jerod would be required to drop the Philly D if he wants something else (since circumstance forced him to take the Philly D when there might be another player he wants). But I don't know Jerod's bye situation, so if he doesn't care, I don't care.

  4. I checked my bye week situation before I agreed to it.

    Like my favorite VPILF would say, "Thanks, but no thanks."