Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preseason Projection Ranking

Just for laughs, I thought I would use Yahoo!'s projected 2009 stats to rank the Hazelweird teams. All I did was add up the projected season stats for the starting lineups you all have set up for week one (note: Nate has no starters, so I guessed at a starting lineup based on Yahoo!'s highest projected stats at each position). You don't get any benefit for depth, then: this is a preseason ranking based solely on Yahoo!'s season-long projections for your current starters.

1. Bryan 1,126.92
2. Kiah 1,120.28
3. Abe 1,100.38
4. Brad 1,086.92
5. Justin 1,069.8
6. Jerod 1,038.11
7. Jon 1,030.42
8. Joe 1,028.64
9. Nathan 1,020.08


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