Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 3 Results and Updated Standings

Week 3 Results
Bryan 8-0 (82.68)
Joe 7-1 (71.78)
Jon 6-2 (65.97)
Jerod 5-3 (65.82)
Kiah 4-4 (62.41)
Nathan 3-5 (60.95)
Brad 2-6 (45.82)
Justin 1-7 (43.09)
Abe 0-8 (41.04)

Standings Through Week Three
1. Jerod 16-8
2. Joe 16-8
3. Abe 15-9
4. Kiah 13-11
5. Bryan 12-12
6. Jon 12-12
7. Brad 10-14
8. Justin 9-15
9. Nate 5-19


  1. It got tedious adding the total scores. The two ties are in the correct order (Jerod with more points than Joe, Bryan with more points than Jon), and I'll add in the scores later.

    Free Agency begins.

  2. Jerod and I are like Happy and Biff at the end of Act 1. The Loman Brothers!

  3. I don't know what that makes Nathan and I, but obviously we are the losing set of brothers....

  4. By the way I corrected your post. You had both Brad and I with the incorrect record for the week and thus the overall had Brad going 2-5 and Me going 1-6.....

  5. My bad. I do the results/standings for the seven-team Kloss Memorial League too; I guess the numbers confused me. I'm a word man.

  6. I didn't catch it until I was updating the sidebar and trying to figure out why Brad and I kept only coming up to 23 total games.....

    Oh well the Glen Coffee Experience begins this week.......

  7. I also had Abe at 0-7, but correctly added 8 losses to his overall standings.

    Thanks for double-checking--if those mistakes don't get caught, in the future things can get confused. I'll double-check myself before posting in the future.

  8. Why do we even have losses? Wouldn't simple Wins be sufficient? It has never made sense to me. So I came in last, I got big fat zero added to my "wins" or points for the week. If two of us tie, we could get .5 added to the point total for the week. The losses seems useless. Care to explain?


  9. The losses used to matter when we would have ties. Ties were frequent, and so it was much easier to recognize that two people went, say, 3-5-1, rather than listing two people as "3" leaving a missing number out. And so if two people had the same number of wins, the one with the best winning percentage (least losses) came out ahead. The fractional scoring means we rarely have ties (haven't, actually, since we started fractional scoring), so it doesn't really matter. We've kept it up because of tradition, because it is simple to understand, because it still matches a record (you're competing against everybody: yes, the wins are what really matters, but registering it in terms of wins and losses makes it a little clearer, and since it's the language usually used in sports, for some of us it's easier to understand--I find it easier to think in terms like "I can go 5-3 this week" than "I can get a 5 this week").

    It actually continues to be helpful in double-checking the standings. Everybody's wins and losses (and ties, should they occur) add up to the same number, so sometimes we can find an error because the numbers don't add up (and sometimes the error is in number of wins, which is relevant).