Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scores Through Sunday Afternoon (week 3)

(this will not be a regular feature; however, since I figured it out for my own purposes, I decided to post it for funs. There may be slight errors in the numbers).

1. Abe 87.43
2. Jerod 76.46 (Mike Wallace--S)
3. Tony 74.20 (Steelers Defense--S, Jason Witten--M)
4. Joe 68.86 (Dez Bryant--M)
5. Bryan 58.67 (Dallas Clark--S)
6. Jon 57.79 (Reggie Wayne--S)
7. Kiah 56.41 (Rashard Mendenhall--S)
8. Brad 48.51
9. Nathan 33.97
10. Justin 28.02 (Fred Davis--M)

Addendum: The numbers are a bit off here; I'd correct them, but I'll be putting up scores through Sunday soon enough anyway.

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