Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free Agency Rule Clarifications

The following precedents have been set and have been added to the Free Agency section of the rulebook.

The precedent was set, and this rule follows logically from existing rules:

"If a player is on your roster when his team's game starts, that player is "locked in" your roster: you are not allowed to drop that player in order to pick up another player (you can drop the player, but cannot fill his empty roster spot)."

There was some ambiguity between our existing rules and what Yahoo allows regarding (a) eligible free agents and (b) handling the free for all period.  The following precedent was voted on (though indirectly: we voted to remove James Jones from Kiah's roster, and this is a general articulation of how we decided that specific issue) and set:

"If Yahoo does not make a player eligible for the Tuesday waiver bidding (i.e., the player was dropped too late to be eligible for the Tuesday waiver bidding), that player will not be an eligible free agent for that week, including during the free for all period.  The player will be an eligible free agent the following week."

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