Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Draft Day Projections v. Current Projections

I thought it would be interesting to to show how Yahoo's projections have changed since draft day (yes, it is probably a good thing that I start teaching next week--and for what it's worth I'll be much busier this fall than usual--this is't that interesting).  Basically, here's the current ranking, and in parentheses is the change from draft day ranking. I'll note again that Yahoo's projections generally seem to hate teams that spend a lot on RBs (with their two lineup spots) and love teams that spend a lot at pass catching positions (with their four).

1. Adam (+1)
2. Chris (+8)
3. Abe (+1)
4. Tony (+1)
5. Kiah (-4)
6. Brad (-3)
7. Joe (+4)
8. Nate (-1)
9. Jerod (-3)
10. Bryan (-1)
11. Jon (-3)
12. Justin (--)

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