Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rule Changes from draft week, 2015

The following is added to the Emergency Draft Procedure:

"When Emergency Draft Procedure is used, all managers are required to draft a full starting lineup."

The following is cut from the Free Agency Rules:

"Players who are dropped in Week X are not eligible to be picked up by another manager in Week X; those players become eligible for free agency the following week.

"If Yahoo does not make a player eligible for the Tuesday waiver bidding (i.e., the player was dropped too late to clear midnight Tuesday waivers), that player will not be an eligible free agent for that week, including during the free for all period.  The player will be an eligible free agent the following week."

(NOTE: the second paragraph here was not specified in our vote, but I believe it is implied by the intent of the vote--that we should generally allow whatever Yahoo! allows, that we want rolling waivers, and that we want players cut during Week A to be eligible to be picked to during Week A and be started in Week B--that this rule should be cut as well).

and replaced with this:

"There are rolling waivers: players who are dropped will go onto Yahoo!'s waivers, where they may be claimed during Yahoo!'s waiver period.  Players who clear waivers may be picked up at any time.  If you are able to pick up a player before the start of that player's game, you will be able to start him (in other words, players dropped during Week X are now allowed to be picked up later in Week X according to what Yahoo! allows).   While you are generally allowed to do what Yahoo! allows for, you may not drop a bench player who has already played his week's game in order to pick up a different player who has not played that week."

But note that the following is still a part of the Preseason Free Agency Policy:

"Players dropped during the preseason FA period are not eligible to be picked up until the Week One FA period."

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