Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday Night Countdown, week 8

A total of 11 fantasy starters on eight different teams play Monday night, including two Tennessee RBs and four Indianapolis WRs/TEs.   There's also a quarterback, a kicker, another tight end, and both defenses.  Basically, nearly ever play is going to have a fantasy impact in our league.  You have to love cross country scoring.

1. Brad 73.76
2. Rob 61.08 (Colt D)
3. Bryan 60.38 (Reggie Wayne)
4. Nathan 56.38 (Bo Scaife, Marvin Harrison)
5. Kiah 50.22 (Chris Johnson)
6. Joe 38.38 (Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark)
7. Abe 36.74 (LenDale White)
8. Jon 34.22 
9. Justin 31.86 (Titan D)
10. Jerod 18.2 (Peyton Manning, Colt K)

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