Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday Night Countdown

1. Bryan 63.52
2. Jerod 62.7
3. Kiah 59.7 (Brandon Marshall)
4. Justin 58.3 (Denver Kicker)
5. Joe 50.88
6. Abe 49.4 (Wes Welker)
7. Rob 48.66
8. Brad 34.16 (Patriot Kicker)
9. Nate 29.34 (Randy Moss)
10. Jon 28.02 (Sammy Morris, Michael Pittman)


  1. Is there a reason I'm only getting credit for two of the three defensive touchdowns in the bears game? Blocked punt return, muffed punt return, fumble recovery. What's the deal?


  2. Abe-

    Not sure what you are talking about. Chicago D only scored 2 TDs....the blocked punt and the muffed punt return. There were no other defensive scores.

    Chicago D = 2 scores
    Forte = 1 score
    Davies = 1 score (and this might be what you are referring too. It happened on offense and was no way related to the defense...De.Clark caught the ball, fumbled and then it was recovered by Davies for the TD)
    Booker = 1 score
    Olsen = 1 score

  3. fine. Damnit. Fine.

    Fucking Davis.


  4. I got you bastards right where I want you.

  5. Who is this "anonymous" that has us right where he wants us? Is it Kiah? Because that would mean he's expecting Brandon Marshall to score four points tonight (I'm sure that will be tough). Is it Joe? Because that would mean we're all laying spread-eagle on the floor.

    Just a curious observation.

  6. my bad, I forgot to sign my name