Monday, November 24, 2008

Standings Through Week 12

1. Rob 73-35 (751)
2. Bryan 73-35 (689.3)
3. Brad 65-43 (695.52)
4. Joe 60-48 (666.66)
5. Kiah 58-50 (637.06)
6. Jerod 57-51 (637.46)
7. Abe 47-61 (611.32)
8. Jon 43-65 (585.28)
9. Justin 37-71 (534.44)
10. Nate 28-80 (531.7)


  1. 20 days after Barack Obama won the election Joe's point total is 666.66... EVERYBODY PANIC!

  2. Wow. 13 weeks into the season and I still haven't gotten my trophy from last year. What's the point of even playing fantasy football when you don't even get a trophy? What a shoddy league.


  3. Wasn't a personal visit from the first ever Hazelweird champion enough for you, Rob? When will the greed end?

    Wait, why didn't Joe just bring the trophy with him to Boston?

  4. For various reasons, I don't want to be responsible for paying costly postage. I am also lazy/busy, and don't feel like going to the Post Office. If you want the trophy, come and get it, sucker! That's the new rule: if you want the trophy you have to come to the draft and get it.

    What's the postage on a heavy trophy? Probably the equivalent of a vegan sub for my pleasure.

    But perhaps Christmas time will bring with it some feeling of giving, and I will send it to you. I suspect I will.

  5. I imagine the postage on a "heavy trophy" could be a prohibitive expense, however, I would guess the cost for postage on the Hazelweird trophy would be in the neighborhood of two dollars.


  6. Jon is correct, but he's not speaking in Joe's language.
    The postage would be 40% of a Subway sandwich.

  7. If Joe weren't personally making ten thousand dollars more than me a year I'd send him a check for two dollars just so I could put the stupid trophy on my desk for a couple weeks and bask like an idiot. Instead I'll gladly buy him a sub the next time I see him.


  8. It appears you can bask in the trophy's glory for a couple of weeks + a year. Not starting A-Rodge really put me at a disadvantage...that and trading for Reggie Wayne (you were right, Justin).