Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ideas for next year.

Post them here.

I'll throw one out. Keeper league. Keep one player in lieu of your first round draft pick or keep your first round draft pick and do not keep a player from 2008's roster.


  1. So Joe would have AP for the next 8-10 years?

  2. That's a reasonable guess. I'm not in favor of the keeper, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

  3. I have a sincere proposal I've already floated.

    We should change the receiving/rushing scoring from one point for every 25 yards to one point for every 20 yards.

    Right now, a player rushing for 200 yards but no TDs gets as many points as a player rushing for 50 yards and 1 TD. That seems crazy to me. Because the yardage is doing a lot to help a team, I think we should even out the yardage/td point ratio a bit. It would mean 120 yards is equal to one touchdown instead of 150 yards equaling one touchdown.

    We're a TD-heavy league, and that's fine, but I think it should be evened out a little. There are a lot of players that are incredibly good, and really help their teams gain yardage, but they're not worth as much as a short-yardage RB in our league who gets a bunch of sort TDs. I'd like to see more balance there.

    I would keep the QB scoring the same: QBs already score a lot more than RBs/WRs anyway. But upping the rushing/receiving points would lead to more scoring.

    So that's my proposal for discussion: a slight alteration to the scoring. I'm open to more radical discussion, too, but switching from 25 to 20 yards per point seems like a modest, incremental change.

  4. I'd be in favor of what Joe proposed.

  5. I think we should do something radical like the winner of the league has to move up to a graduate division of champions...and the last place finisher in the division of champions moves down to the loser bracket.

    Since we have 10 people and 6 Hazelweird winners, I would vote that the person with the longest time since their championship starts down in the loser bracket.

    This would create two leagues

    Champions- Kiah, Rob, Jerod, Bryan, Justin

    Losers- Joe, Brad, Nathan, Abe, Jon

    I would vote we still have only one pool of players we can all draft from, but that we institute a "franchise" league. In other words everyone can be kept, but eventually that could lead you into the loser bracket if you aren't smart.

    By the way...I am talking out of my butt, however, it sounded mildly intriguing.

    I like Joe's proposal for point change.

  6. why use a first round pick to keep a player? i would propose you lose the pick for the round that you took the player you are keeping the previous year.

  7. Anonymous,
    If you want to keep a player, he must be valuable. It's all about sacrifice. You have to decide if it's worth it. I think that's the fairest way to do it.

  8. On second thought, I love that idea. I'll keep Steve Slaton, my 16th round pick.

  9. I have an idea...lets put an ugly picure of Bryan under "Reigning Hazelweird Champion."

  10. I think it was last year that we had the idea floated of keeping a player at the previous year's draft position. In addition, we also had put a limit on how long you could keep that player at that draft position (2 years?). I propose that you can keep the player at the original draft position for two consecutive years and if you wish to keep that player on the third year, you must give up your first round draft pick.

  11. I have a thought...I realize it would be unfair to implement it this draft, but maybe in the future.

    Why do we draft in the reverse order of the standings? We all are starting fresh anyways, so it's not like we're a struggling franchise that needs the best players to compete. And we don't have prizes, so that could give extra motivation to place as high as you can at the end of the season instead of tanking to pick higher. It would be more competitive if people still tried to move up late in the season instead of actually trying to do worse.

    I also realize that it would suck for the last place finisher to place tenth and then have to pick last in the draft, but we'd just have to deal.

    I don't expect a lot of people to jump on this, just a thought. Typically reverse order drafts are meant to help bad teams, but we draft complete new teams anyways. I think it would make things a lot more competitive and interesting late in the season.

  12. I kind of agree. I noticed a couple of teams that were "starting" players that were on the IR toward the end of the season. I'm guessing that those teams weren't doing it to advance in draft position, but rather were slipping because they didn't give a rat's ass. Implementing your idea for future (not the next draft, to be fair) would be an incentive to battle to the end.