Monday, December 15, 2008

Standings Through Week 15

1. Bryan 90-45 (860.62)
2. Rob 86-49 (936.98)
3. Joe 80-55 (854.06)
4. Kiah 76-59 (811.82)
5. Jerod 75-60 (803.34)
6. Brad 66-69 (806.50)
7. Jon 66-69 (774.52)
8. Abe 59-76 (769.98)
9. Justin 44-91 (676.56)
10. Nate 34-101 (655.24)

*I've obviously botched simple addition at some point in the standings. I don't know where, but I will go through the weekly results and find the errors. These numbers simply make no sense. I'll go through and add all standings based on weekly results, totaling them independently. Probably Thursday, since I'm still grading. Sorry about the error.

**I already found one error: Nathan went 1-8 one week and the 8 wasn't added to the loss column. He's 34-101 as of now. I'll still seek out the error in Jerod's record: he likely just has one extra loss that he shouldn't be credited with. I'll both find the source of the error and add the standings independently. Later.

***Jerod won't like this. In week 14, Jerod went 8-1, but I added 9 to his win total. He has one fewer win than he's been credited for. The obvious errors have been found and adjusted, but these errors obviously show a need for a separate tally. I'll just add each person's week-t0-week wins and losses together separately, and then see if the standings from that exercise match the current standings.

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  1. So falls the immaculate house of cards.