Sunday, December 27, 2009

Scores Through Sunday (week 16

1. Justin 80.54
2. Kiah 78.88
3. Brad 78.69 (V. Shiancoe, P. Harvin)
4. Nate 63.51
5. Jerod 56.27 (S. Rice, Viking D)
6. Bryan 55.20
7. Joe 53.54 (B. Berrian, R. Longwell)
8. Abe 44.66 (A. Peterson)
9. Jon 32.83


  1. My hopes are for the gap between Kiah and me to be cut to one game this week (with me passing some of the teams between us, and some of them passing Kiah), while at the same time holding off Abe by at least one game, so that I go into week 17 one game behind Kiah but ahead of or tied with Abe, and then I can hope to beat each by at least one game, and then also have most points. So...those are my hopes.

    And most importantly, for the Vikings to win against the Bears. That's mostly all I really want out of tomorrow.

  2. Who is resting starters week 17? Which of us will rely on backups? Which of us will start players that won't play more than a half? It's going to be insanity.