Saturday, July 30, 2011

Football News Discussion

Here is a place to discuss current NFL news, and how it might affect fantasy football (in other words, here is where you can make wild claims about how much you'll pay for players).


  1. Would you throw out a $0 bid on Tarvaris Jackson? Remember, running/scrambling QBs are a great asset in our scoring system: every 1 rush TD is like 2 pass TDs, and every 20 rushing yards is like 50 passing yards.

  2. Or a $1 bid, as it would be currently?

  3. Let's check in with Artose Pinner and see what he'll do this year!

    Carries: 143
    Yards 1,803
    Touch downs: 17
    Catches: 39
    Receiving yards: 792

    Adjust your draft boards.

    -- abe

  4. Michael Jeeennnnkins!!!!!!

  5. I want Brandon Marshall. Anytime you can draft a player with borderline personality disorder, you really have no choice but to do it.

  6. With yards per rush and yards per reception like that, Artose Pinner will be criminally underused by whatever coach he plays for if he gets fewer than 200 touches. Or does he get hurt, and do all that in 10 games?

  7. That's in one preseason game.

  8. Now is the fun time of year when every team with a new coach, OC, or DC is proclaiming itself to be more aggressive. All the players are like "Oh yeah, we're going to be more aggressive." Nobody ever says the opposite.