Monday, July 25, 2011

Skills Competition (Updated with Course Info)

The game is minigolf, at Goodrich Golf Dome. Two teams, selected by the 2010 skills champion (Justin) and runner-up (Nathan). The team scores will be added, and the winning team gets seats 1-5, losing team seats 6-10 (within those groups, ordered by individual score). If the individual on the losing team has the lowest individual score, he still gets seat 1, with the winning team scooted down a seat. The game takes place Saturday before the draft, at our leisure.

That's what we've discussed so far: here is the post for a skills competition discussion thread. Flame on!

Update: The Course
A few notes on Goodrich's Minigolf Course, and some matters we'll need to agree on for the contest itself.

--the course itself is very casual, and very isolated: probably precisely what we want. There aren't too many gimmicks. It's $5.25 per person.

--each hole has two cups (white and red). We should decide which color cup we're playing ahead of time, though there'd be no harm in letting each golfer choose either cup on each hole.

--There's no precise tee box: we'll probably just start from behind the rock marker.

Some things we'll need to set:

--some sort of out of bounds rule: several holes have very open gaps to get O.B.

--how to split up groups (each team going, or mix teams, or go in three groups, or go in five pairs?).

--how to deal with balls hitting balls (I think marking balls when necessary, replacing a ball that gets hit, is fine).


  1. I told Justin on the phone last night, so I think it's only fair to let Nate know as well: I don't golf. I have a putter in my hand maybe twice a year if I'm lucky. I would not be a good choice.

    The only guys I know who actually golf in the league are Jerod (the lock #1 pick, HS golf team), Joe, and Tony. It's possible other dudes golf, but I don't know about them.

  2. Here are the pro and con arguments for drafting me.

    I saw "Happy Gilmore" in the theater.

    I will practicing the Goodrich minigolf course this week.

    I have a pair of socks with golfers on them, and I will be wearing them on draft day.

    I am a terrrrible putter, something that might be a problem in minigolf. Old Three Putt, they called me (not really).

    My four-year-old and two-year-old are more enthusiastic about golf than I am.

    I don't wear my Titleist hat anymore because it fits on my head weirdly.

  3. Biggest reason not to draft Joe:

    He is a douche and I don't want to listen to him give me "pointers" during our competition.

    I refuse to draft Joe out of principle and personally hope he goes last in our "skills" draft....

  4. I've been cradling my Nike putter at night. I mean, there's numerous things in my bed, but the putter is there. Somewhere.

  5. Here's my pointer: don't suck at minigolf.

  6. I have now played the Goodrich Minigolf Course. I played it slow and studied it carefully; I know the ins and outs of the entire course, and know the best overall strategy to approach the course.

    I'm not saying I should be the #1 pick, but I do know the course best, and I am the best golfer. Hmm. I guess I should be the #1 pick.

    It is right and proper that Justin and Nathan, first and second place finishers of the skills competition last year, should be picking teams. Still, I sort of wish they were in the pool to be drafted, so we could see which one of them would suffer the indignity of being the last player chosen for a team. Because it would be one of them.

  7. I think we should golf in pairs. This way we can add up the points as the golfers finish the course and add a little drama with a leader board or something. Here is the order I propose:

    1st Pair - Captains
    2nd Pair - 1st picks
    3rd Pair - 2nd picks
    4th Pair - 3rd Picks
    5th Pair - Last picks

    This way we also have accountability of people golfing from opposite teams. Also I think we should do it just like real must have the other player sign your scorecard in order for it to be official...if you don't have the other player check it over and sign it then you have a stroke penalty.

  8. Joe is an arrogant jerk and I can't wait to see the "self-proclaimed" #1 pick passed up for the likes of Attention Deficit Disorder Abe.

  9. I like golfing in pairs from opposing teams: it's a good idea and it makes it much easier with only two balls on a green at a time.

    On the scorecard issue, each pair will need to be diligent on each hole: it's easy to get lost on 18 quick holes if you don't.

    It's too bad Justin's format would make it impossible for me to match up with either Justin or Nathan, who I would, personally, crush.

  10. I don't really like the idea of golfing in pairs. I think it's too isolated. How am I going to get in Justin's head if he's 5 holes in front of me? I agree we need to split up somehow. I'm pushing for 2 threesomes and a foursome. Also, I think we should golf in 2 groups of three and a group of four.

  11. I think when you see the course (holes very close together, very open with no tall objects separating people), you'll see that even golfing in pairs we'll be close together. Almost too close. DUN DUN DUNNNN!

  12. Joe no one thinks you are a good golfer...heck...I would take Kiah over you 9 times out of 10....

    the one time I wouldn't take him would be the time that he has had a whole bottle of gin and gotten rowdy with carnies...and even that situation was debated heavily in my mind.

  13. Well then that's a debate you're going to be having with yourself in a few weeks.

  14. I never said I was a good golfer; all I really mean is that I have such little respect for any of you as golfers. Especially our dear captains.