Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 10: Monday Night Countdown

1. Rob 77.54
2. Jerod 63.24
3. Kiah 56.72 (V.Davis)
4. Justin 54.98
5. Bryan 41.88
6. Brad 41.84
7. Joe 40.08 (Hasselbeck, Gore)
8. Abe 38.48 (Engram)
9. Jon 33.92 (Seattle Kicker)


  1. Now I'm quite excited about Hasselbeck and Gore. But if I hadn't traded for them, I would have likely started McNabb and Benson and got 28+ points, and been sitting in second right now (though I might have talked myself into benching both of them before the week anyway). Basically, Hasselbeck and Gore need to get me 28+ more points for that trade to be worth it in the short term. Long term, of course, Hasselbeck and Gore will carry me to the Hazelweird and AP trophies.

  2. The best part about Stat Tracker is that I can easily see how many points you suckers left on the bench.

    I've missed out on (brace yourselves) 1.92 points from Julius Jones this week. Shucks. That's it- my optimal line-up is 1.92 more points that what I have. Alexander hasn't played yet but he's hurt so screw him.