Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week 9: Monday Night Countdown

1. Rob 88.32 [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 5th)
2. Bryan 81.94 [Highest: 2nd/Lowest: 6th)
3. Brad 67.34 (Parker) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 6th]
4. Jon 61.00 [Highest: 4th/Lowest: 7th]
5. Joe 58.84 [Highest: 5th/Lowest: 8th]
6. Justin 58.48 [Highest: 6th/Lowest: 9th]
7. Abe 52.56 (H.Miller) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]
8. Kiah 47.44 (Pitt D) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]
9. Jerod 46.54 (Spaeth, Ward, Balt K) [Highest: 1st/Lowest: 9th]


  1. 4th and 3...Philly....McNabb I hate you and your pass to Hank Baskett!

  2. That fantasy flukism wonder, the garbage time TD, salvaged me at least one win, and probably saved me from quitting fantasy football forever. If I had Adrian Peterson's 300+ yard, 3 TD day, and STILL went 0-8, I would give up all hope. But since I am going to get at least ONE win out of it, it still feels worth it to me. Yippee!

  3. By "it," I just mean the fantasy angle; obviously the 300+ yard, 3 TD game was worth it to me as a Viking fan 1,000,000 times more than as a fantasy football owner. Considering witnessing it live was probably the highlight of my fan life, I'll consider it sufficient. But a zero win week with it would have crushed me. Honestly, even if the others pass me and I go 1-7, I can at least think, "man, without Peterson's game, I'd have gone 0-8; he got me 1 win! And kept me in the All Points hunt."

  4. I don't like this at all. Big Ben is throwing TDs to everyone except Spaeth and Ward. And a blowout will prevent Baltimore from going for field goals. Just rotten.