Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 11: Going into Sunday Night

1. Justin 89.46
2. Joe 68.34 (NE K)
3. Rob 65.56
4. Abe 54.78 (Stallworth)
5. Jerod 49.14
6. Bryan 42.12 (Welker)
7. Kiah 35.36 (Tenn K)
8. Jon 29.14 (Maroney, Watson, White, NE D)
9. Brad 20.24 (Brady, R.Moss)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks New England. You wanted to be dicks and go for it on fourth and short, so you threw a pass to Watson. Now Jon beats me. Thanks a bunch.

    I liked how Madden made the Buffalo fans out to be the real assholes of the situation. How dare they cheer AGAINST the Patriots? They need to be cheering for their defense!

    I'm salty about this whole situation.