Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Midweek Fun: unpickupables

The suggestion that Jon and I could trade Julius Jones for Lee Evans made me ask a question: if we each dropped Jones and Evans, would anybody else bother picking them up?

This led me to a broader question: how many of us have players on our roster that, if they were available, nobody would pick them up?

Two factors play a role here:
1. Productivity: sucky players wouldn't generally get picked up, of course.
2. Name Recognition: recognizable fantasy names that have been unproductive would probably get picked up, while reasonably productive players that have not been recognizable fantasy names might not.

So let's look at each roster; here is my opinion on the unpickupable players on each team. Please, feel free to look at rosters and add names, or refute some of the suggestions I make here. I should add, too, that this isn't a suggestion that you cut these players: we have these sucky players on our rosters for depth in the unfortunate case a non-sucky player gets injured.

Steve McNair, Ted Ginn, Jr., Trent Green, Lions Kicker, Devin Hester

Drew Brees, Brandon Marshall

Donald Lee, Denver Defense, Packer Defense

Earnest Graham, Ronald Curry, Philadephia Defense, Indianapolis Defense

Santana Moss, Julius Jones, Kenton Keith, Jericho Cotchery

Andre Davis, Warrick Dunn, DeAngelo Williams, Houston Kicker

St. Louis Kicker, Owen Daniels, Derek Anderson, DeShawn Wynn, Darrell Jackson

Randy McMichael, Heath Miller, Isaac Bruce

Kevin Curtis, Wes Welker, Bernard Berrian, Shaun McDonald, Matt Schaub, Chris Chambers, Houston Defense, Miami Defense

So, is this accurate? Note that some totally unproductive players aren't included because I think people would see names and want them (if they could get them for nothing), while some of these players are actually productive but I doubt anybody would bother with them.


  1. Im not sure about this Joe. I would assume no one would pick up Drew Brees, but who knows he does have "name" recognition. Brandon Marshall would be picked up by at least one team I know of.

  2. I think Earnest Graham has a better chance of being picked up than Tatum Bell.

  3. Welker has played better than Hines Ward. Derek Anderson is one of the top scoring QBs. The Packer Defense has been solid. Ted Ginn Jr is coming around...even with Cleo Lemon at the Helm.

  4. I didn't realize my defenses were so terrible. My 2 defenses rank lower than every one of your defenses. That sucks. My kicker sucks, too.