Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 8 Free Agency

**Remember for FA order if two teams are tied the team that did worse that week has the higher pick**

1. Bryan- Detroit D
2. Abe- Brian Griese
3. Jerod- Matt Spaeth
4. Kiah- Ryan Grant
5. Jon- Tennessee D
6. Joe- Philly K
7. Rob- Chris Henry (TEN)
8. Justin- Marc Bulger
9. Brad- Seattle D


  1. Around this time, I remember 2004. On my way to vote for John Kerry, I was bouncing around thinking about being at the top of the fantasy league. My season went the same route as my vote. It's that time of year, and things are going to change.

  2. If you vote for the Dems, then Brad and the jews have already won.