Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 8 Results

1. Justin 8-0 (94.32)
2. Brad 7-1 (84.00)
3. Jon 6-2 (63.40)
4. Rob 5-3 (61.78)
5. Abe 4-4 (52.16)
6. Joe 3-5 (50.22)
7. Kiah 2-6 (43.20)
8. Bryan 1-7 (36.32)
9. Jerod 0-8 (33.36)


  1. That overtime pass of Favre to Jennings vaulted Rob from 3-5 up to 5-3.

  2. Tell me why Denver had to drive down and tie forcing overtime, to give Rob an extra 15 points on one play? Nuts to you, Denver.

  3. That overtime pass made me pee a little bit. Who is this Brett Favre, is he new?


  4. People want to know why I picked UCLA out of anyone? Because I knew I'm destined to be rooting for losers, and the only way I'd get any joy is to pick a big-time winner from history. Not only will I always root for a loser, but I'll always be friends with people that get to root for a winner. Good for all of you.

    I'm a vegetarian pacifist Viking fan: all I do is fight losing battles.

  5. that's brett favre. rooting for him is like rooting for america.


  6. I bet meat-eating war mongers say they are fighting a losing battle as long as there are vegetarian pacifists.

    But cheering for the Vikings is considered rooting for losers. Any other fan in the league could have the experience of beating us, and we've never won a Super Bowl. But there have been (minor?) victories for vegetarians and pacifists.

    Also, you did lose in voting for Kerry, but won in voting for democrats last election. Now, I don't know who you voted for, but I bet some of them one. Actually, I don't even know if you voted. I guess it all comes down to what you consider "winning." Easy to define in sports, not so much in real life.