Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scores Through Sunday

1. Jerod 63.49
2. Brad 63.07
3. Joe 60.88
4. Justin 56.54
5. Kiah 55.33 (R. White)
6. Jon 55.15
7. Nate 53.44 (M. Turner)
8. Bryan 45.55 (M. Ryan, T. Gonzalez, M. Colston)
9. Abe 32.30 (D. Brees, J. Shockey, J. Carney, Saint D)


  1. I hadn't realized that as I am to the Colts, Abe is to the Saints.

    As of right now, the early erroneous report that Bernard Berrian was out cost me two wins. Let's see how many more wins that 5.05 points costs me. And for what? For Austin Collie? For that I don't start a Viking in a fantasy league for the first time since...what, 2006?

  2. I still hate kickers. I dropped Gould for Prater this week. Gould: 12 points. Prater: 1 point. Great. Just great. I know you all care so much about my kicker fuck-ups, but it sure does feel good to bitch, doesn't it?