Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thursday Free Agency Rules

In Week 10, the NFL begins scheduling Thursday games. This means that our free agency process may be affected next week. We should discuss possible alterations to our current free agency system. Here are some of the proposals:

1. Make free agency open from the moment the Monday Night game ends--but each person is still allowed only one pick per week.

2. Shorten the time limit between picks (to, say, eight hours).
3. Keep the free agency order, but at a designated time, open it up to anybody (could be as early as Tuesday evening, could be as late as Wednesday night).
4. Skip Brad

Note that I have combined the previous three rules because while each could be implemented independently, we could also implement two or three of these rules together.

I'll add another proposal that hasn't been proposed yet.

5. Keep the current rules with one exception. If you wish to select a player that is active in Thursday's game, you are allowed to jump the free agency order. HOWEVER, if you jump the order to select a player, you must start that player on Thursday night (if stay in order and pick a player active on Thursday, you are not required to start him: only if you jump the order).

These are ideas. I think we need to make some sort of alteration, even if it is just the "Skip Brad" rule.

Discuss these rules, propose new rules, vote, etc.


  1. I vote for a combination of #2 and #4. The rest would get too complicated (especially #5.)

  2. I, similar to Jerry like number 2 and 4, and I think the other options complicate things (why not keep things simple).
    However, I don't think we should automatically skip Brad, we could make Brads time limit a lot shorter like 2 or 4 hours. Even though the odds are against it, you never know he might surprise us and actually use his turn.


  3. question on the standings? Should Nate be ahead of Kiah, seeing as Nate has more points than Kiah. I always thought total points was the tie-breaker when people have the same record.


  4. I also agree that we shouldn't just skip over Brad. If he wants a window then he should be able to have it. But if it's fine with Brad then whatever. What are the odds that we'll hear from him about this?

    Has Brad made his pick during his window at all this season? It does seem unfair to just skip him, but if he's never done it when he has 24 hours he probably won't when he has 2-4. But whatever, I still vote for a combo of #2 and #4, but the Brad part is the question I guess.

    Also, I don't have a problem with Kiah picking up two jackass kickers.