Sunday, December 30, 2007

All-Fantasy Team

First Team
QB-Tom Brady
RB-LaDanian Tomlinson
RB-Adrian Peterson
WR-Randy Moss
WR-Braylon Edwards
TE-Dallas Clark
D-San Diego

Second Team
QB-Tony Romo
RB-Joseph Addai
RB-Brian Westbrook
WR-Terrell Owens
WR-Reggie Wayne
TE-Antonio Gates
K-New England


  1. Probably not that surprising that every player on the first team was composed of players on the top 3 teams in our league. The stars were loaded heavily on certain teams this year.

    Now we all can sit back at watch the NFL playoffs and start our schemes for next year.

  2. I for one am shocked that none of my players made it to the list. Who can forget the amazing fantasy outputs of LenDale White, Chris Chambers or any of the other nut bags that comprised my team throughout the year.

    My schemes for next year are already hatched. You fools better all watch out. Mark my words, next year shall forever be remembered as the year the Hazelweird League bows to the man, the myth, the legend ... Jon Hazelwood


  3. wow-- 2 of 16 first and second team were from the title team! what does that say?


  4. What?!? No one from my team? That's a shocking revelation!