Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week 17: Sunday Night Countdown (The Fat Lad Can't Sing YET)

Tonight's games has implications in a couple of races; The battle for the championship, the battle for 5th place, and the battle for last. In truth Abe needs Addai to explode (which probably won't happen because of Indy's playoff situation) to get last, but the other two races are extremely close and tonight is an important game in both races.

1. Rob 72.64
2. Brad 59.52 (Dallas Clark)
3. Kiah 58.08 (Titans K)
4. Justin 46.84
5. Joe 46.52
6. Jon 46.24 (LenDale White)
7. Jerod 39.76 (Indy D)
8. Bryan 37.32
9. Abe 35.64 (Addai)

The battle for the championship comes down to Brad needed Dallas Clark to score 13.12 pts for the tie and championship via overall pts scored. I am rooting for Clark to score exactly that so that we have a tie via our record system and a tie-breaker determined by pts. However, either way we have a new team joining the championship club. Either Brad or Rob will join Joe, Justin, Kiah, and Jerod as the only champions of the league and whichever one will be the first non-Sauk Centre native to win it.

The race for 5th is a more complex, but basically Jon needs to win this week or finish no further than one spot behind Kiah in order to finish 5th.


  1. In other news, if Brad had started Crumpler (the safe start since Indy was more than likely only going to use their starters in the 1st half) we would all be congratulating him on his first championship right now.

  2. are we headed for another split year, with one Brad winning the AP cup and Rob winning the Hazelweird trophy? Or was that just a one year thing Joe did to stick it to Kiah?


  3. The AP cup is a meaningless creation that Joe had to make because he wanted to take away from Kiah's glory.

    The HAZLEWEIRD TROPHY is the only officially recognized championship of this great league.

    (However, in Yahoo Brad gets a cool gold 1st place trophy, Rob gets a cool silver 2nd place trophy, and I get a cool bronze 3rd place trophy)