Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Final Standings

1. Rob 95-41 (1099.98)
2. Brad 93-43 (1142.84)
3. Joe 88-48 (1060.18)
4. Justin 79-57 (1066.54)
5. Kiah 63-73 (962.56)
6. Jon 62-74 (892.12)
7. Jerod 55-81 (886.48)
8. Bryan 42-94 (769.22)
9. Abe 35-101 (797.58)


  1. Brad wins the AP championship. I'm serious about making the AP championship a significant title.

  2. Yeah but it is just bogus. The Hazleweird league was composed of our revolutionary cross-country scoring system. That determines the only champion. The points are purely for tie-breaking purposes only.

    An analogy (that obviously breaks down). Which cross-country team is better? The one that when you add up all their totals over the year has the lowest number (equatable to our point system) or the one that had the best record against their opponents throughout the season. It isn't about having the highest score it is about being consistent in relation to your competition. If for instance my team started out the year on a total tear and scored 100 pts every week for 10 weeks (more than likely at that point I would be 80-0) but then the remaining seven weeks I only score 10 pts a week and go 0-56. However, you consistently do well week in and week out as compared to the rest of the league and end up 90-46, but only scored 990 pts over the season. In no way should I be entitled to claim some type of championship, but because of my spectacular 10 week stretch I get rewarded for it.

    I for one will forever reject the AP Championship designation within this league. The ONLY champs this league has seen are:


  3. But the goal of ffb is to score points. If you score the most points, obviously you had a great team and deserve recognition. Rob is deservedly the Hazelweird champ, but Brad's team scored more points than Rob's team. I like our scoring system, but if you score more points than anybody else in ffb, you can certainly argue that you have the best team. So I will always recognize the AP champ. There's really no reason NOT to recognize an AP champ.

    2002: Joe (HW and AP)
    2003: Justin (HW and AP)
    2004: Kiah (HW and AP)
    2005: Kiah (HW) Rob (AP)
    2006: Jerod (HW and AP)
    2007: Rob (HW) Brad (AP)

  4. Since we don't play for money, why not recognize the AP champ? If you score more points than anybody else, you get a title. It's not the most meaningful title (the Hazelweird champ is the recognized champ), but it's still a significant title.

    My understanding is in European soccer leagues, winning the regular season title is the biggest deal (like winning a championship), but they have all these other little tourneys where you win "cups," and those are recognized as significant too.

    It's not "bogus." There's no reason that the team with more points than anybody else at the end of a season shouldn't also have some sort of title.

    Rob, congrats: you are the Hazelweird champion.

    Brad, congrats: you are the "All Points" champ, meaning you scored more points than anybody else. While it doesn't make you the league's champion, it is certainly a worthwhile title, regardless of what Tyrant P. Tyrannus says.

  5. I like how you call me a tyrant yet you are the one who just created a new trophy and championship back in 2005 without any input/consent from the rest of us.

  6. Brad deserves credit for having a great team from week one on. He certainly outscore my team those first few weeks. And he certainly had some 6 td games from Tom Brady in the process that gave him big points for that week. My team was different. Not as flashy as in years past. More of a solid all around group with solid point production from every position.


  7. by the way i don't mind being a two time title winner. i think having most points is something to hang your hat on. if anybody had a dominant team from week one it was brad.