Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week 14: Monday Night Countdown

1. Rob 88.24
2. Abe 85.1
3. Joe 66.08
4. Brad 65.62
5. Jon 59.02
6. Jerod 56.62
7. Bryan 53.24 (Drew Brees)
8. Kiah 49.86 (Marques Colston)
9. Justin 44.64


  1. With only two players going, and 7 of 9 teams finished, I didn't feel like adding in the [Best/Worst] bit; it should be pretty clear, right?

  2. I am pretty sure that after this week only 4 teams will be in contention for the championship.

    Jerod, Kiah, Jon, Bryan, and Abe will all be out of contention.

    Justin will need major help from the above mentioned people along with Joe, Rob, and Brad all sucking.

    Joe will need a little help but still is very much in the race.

    Brad and Rob will more than likely be separated by one game going into the last three weeks.

    Now the question boils down to has Rob screwed himself out of a championship with his whole purging of the bench and believing the Packers would play a full 17 weeks?

    The drama is starting to build.

  3. yes it should be fun.