Sunday, December 2, 2007

Week 13: Monday Night Countdown

1. Joe 67.54 (Patriot K) [Highest 1st, Lowest 6th]
2. Jerod 67.32 (Raven K) [Highest 1st, Lowest 6th]
3. Kiah 65.36 [Highest 3rd, Lowest 7th]
4. Justin 61.06 [Highest 4th, Lowest 8th]
5. Rob 52.28 [Highest 5th, Lowest 9th]
6. Bryan 43.62 (Welker) [Highest 1st, Lowest 9th]
7. Brad 40.40 (Brady, Moss, McGahee) [Highest 1st, Lowest 9th]
8. Jon 38.76 (Watson, Patriot D) [Highest 1st, Lowest 9th]
9. Abe 26.96 (Stallworth) [Highest 1st, Lowest 9th]


  1. Everything seems in order, the SC natives are at home atop the list.

  2. Jerod, we've got a duel of kickers. If the Raven Kicker scores even one point more than the Patriot Kicker, you beat me; otherwise, I beat you.

  3. And if they tie, you beat me by .22. Jerk.

  4. I don't know what is engaging me more: the Ravens leading the Patriots, or the epic kicker duel between Jerod and me.